No more wisdom

Finally, I don’t have to talk or worry or cringe at the mention of my dentist appointment to remove my last two wisdom teeth. I managed to put it off for quite a while, but at last, I am wisdom-less. Or something like that. Can’t think straight. Can’t feel half my face. Including half my tongue. It’s so freaking weird!

Plus, I can’t talk or it hurts/people don’t understand me/the thing seems to spread and I can’t feel more parts of my mouth. It’s driving me insane. An hour longer for the effect to go away. And then maybe some pain will appear, as I smelled the fresh scent of bone being drilled? And no-one gave me any painkillers for it, even though I pointed out several times that I am not brave. At all. In fact, I am the exact opposite of brave. Especially when concerning people messing inside my mouth. (Seriously, my shirt was drenched when I got out of that chair.) Feel no need at all to prove I’m a big girl to the stranger saying it’s normal to bleed a little.

Oh yeah. The weird metallic taste half my mouth is sensing? Blooood. My teeth look fairly vampire-y. Would put Twilight to shame. Though that’s not so hard to accomplish.

Big Teethless Baby.

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It got here!

At last, the book I’d ordered from Better World Books, Extras, got here! I thought it had been lost cause of weird shipping address (should have gotten here last week), but I guess it all turned out okay, they told me to wait a bit (very good, fast customer service).  It’s so pretty…. And new, even though it said used…. And it’s the pretty edition I like… And… aaah.

I’m drooling over the book, the BWB wrapping and the note inside. Can’t believe there is such a thing as free international shipping! But here it is, living proof. Pretty sure Dad still doesn’t believe it (he’d told me it was a scam). Too bad it arrived earlier than I’d anticipated and I still haven’t got Specials… Guess I’ll read it ebook form just cause I’m so excited about this one! (Hate ebooks)

Doesn't it look happy at its new home?



Otaku fase

Non-manga/anime people, do take a chance! Manga/anime people, sorry I’m really clueless about this ;)

I have this t-shirt of Death Note from a looong time ago, and every time I wear it, someone comes up and starts talking about the anime, the manga or any other anime or manga they like. It’s kind of cool how approachable the otaku community is – maybe it’s all those conventions? Anyways, I always have to explain that no, I don’t know what they are talking about, I only read Death Note, the manga, ’till the traumatic 7th volume (L fan, forever), and know nothing of other Japanese stuff. Recently it changed, as I found another manga and another anime to be excited about.

Firstly, Death Note was a truly amazing story. I put it up there with V for Vendetta (the graphic novel version, mind you), which I love with all my heart and waited eagerly for its 3-months delayed arrival. Basically, an over-intelligent high school guy who finds a special notebook that kills people (there’s a whole logistic to it, but it’s beyond my point here), so he begins “cleaning up” the world, making kidnappers, murderers and thieves die of heart attacks, and everyone is confused. His dad is a cop who is in charge of the investigation to find the person (or thing) that is responsible for all those deaths. In the task force is L, a guy who no-one really knows much about, is kind of autistic in his own obsession and is probably as smart as Kira (notebook’s owner), but actually cares for people. It’s all a big, intricate game revolving the investigation and it’s really, really fun. If you like mystery, you should really give it a shot. (Though I wished I could reread it in usual novel form.)

Secondly, a very light, fun manga that should be taken just as lightly: Ichigo 100% (or Strawberries 100%, I guess the English title is). It’s really mostly fanservice (girls’ strawberry underwear appearing frequently, oversized breasts, that sort of stuff), but the characters are actually quite fun, and surprisingly appealing for the whole Jane-Austen-time lovers crowd, I think. I have no idea if this is just a reoccuring fantasy they make for mangas or if it’s actually truth in Japan, but there’s a whole different morale involved. Very nice, old-fashioned customs I thought were long dead are present here, as well as some commentary that would go in the opposite direction in most tv shows I watch. For example, to date the girl, one must “confess” (that’s really how they translated it) to her. And then she may formally answer/confess back. If she does, the guy gets to walk her home and she makes him chocolates and puts them in his shoe cabinet at school on Valentines. There must be some poetic liberty involved, but in this story, they also haven’t kissed yet. All is very naïve, very respectful and very, very cute. (Seriously, envying some characters as well as those uniforms <3) Also, when the boys make dubious commentaries, like when Manaka, the main male character who is a wanna be filmmaker, very indecisive, frequently in his own head, and mostly very gentleman-ly, asks his friends about a stunning girl (with strawberry underwear) he briefly saw on the roof (and fell in love with) they call him a pervert. They frequently call each other perverted and look very embarrassed about it, which is fresh. Especially in a story with so many panties illustrated.

I did get some hold ups for my lack of experience with mangas, especially with the names (seriously, some friends call each other by their first names, some by their last and I’m soo not used to Japanese names), which was quite confusing, but I think it works itself out after a several chapters… That’s another cool thing I like about Ichigo 100%, it’s HUGE. I’ll have stuff to read for quite a while (in Chapter 51 at the moment, out of 167!). If you wanna take a look, click here.

And then there is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiyai (I’ll never spell that without Google), which my bf sent me a clip of (there’s a semi provocative fanservice scene in the first episode – and other scattered along, fyi) just for fun and – joke’s on him – I started watching it. Just found out there is a manga too, but I’m watching the English dubbed anime version in Youtube, which is really impressive (the main male character makes excellent sarcastic comments that just sound sooo much better with the intonation I can properly understand) though the original one with subtitles is also available. It bothers me A LOT that there are different versions mixed together, sometimes you can’t find the following episode, sometimes it’s the same episode with a different number, and the whole thing is mostly disorganised (after the 11th episode anyways), BUT it’s pretty awesome, if you stick around after the crazy part begins. And I do mean crazy. Like aliens crazy, which is so not my thing. I stuck to it because I really really like the guy’s lines and the other fella (I don’t know anyone’s names!) has a really soothing voice and some metaphysical discussions that get quite interesting, if not entirely trippy (if you liked Waking Life, you’ll like it). It gets less weird (or you get less sensitive to it) and a lot more fun. There are some 13 episodes, a second season and a long movie. Give it a shot! It’s overall a very pretty anime and the characters are fun to watch. Plus they talk in Gilmore Girls rate, which is always fun. The credits at the end are super cute, with a choreography and everything, and the whole thing is really well thought. (And if you still don’t think it is funny, skip to about 3:30 in this video and tell me it isn’t hilarious.)

There was another manga I read some time ago. It was a short, really cute one a friend lent to me (and later gave me so I could drool over them at my own house :P ), but as most of my stuff is in boxes, I can’t find it! I’ll report some other time…

It rains

(From, didn’t get if it was the original sketch from Heroes or a fan art…)

I was going to spend my afternoon making snide remarks about all the actors and lines from the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice with my one-year-old, once-met reading club, but as it happened to all the other plans of the group over the last year, it too failed. (It’s a holiday! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person in my circle of friends who isn’t busy enough to say “Sorry, I’ve already got plans” to whatever invite they make. Should really consider lying next time.)

Then I was going to go look for wallpaper for my room (amidst renovations, after 19 years of begging), only to find out it’s super expensive.

And then it started raining, which I’m taking as an excuse to stay home and do nothing useful (as if that was something new) for hours on end. Let’s see how far the blogging goes today, shall we?

I found (through very cute Brazilian blog who recently started blogging in English too) this band called Puggy that’s very nice indeed (I’m picky). It’s linked to Grooveshark to anyone interested in listening to their fun, cool album (that I’d buy, but it doesn’t seem to be in national grounds, para variar…).

Also, this is nicer than the original rainy sounds through my window! (Oh, the digital world…)

(Very fond of parenthetical remarks today.)


I wandering aimlessly around here and bumped into pretty cool blogs and challenges. Oh, the challenges… (I should be a BCA or something.)

First, there’s a Jane Austen challenge!! Well, several, actually. And they all sound really good, but I am NOT signing up for Jane or I’ll end up stuck and in freaky state (only read her when I’m in the mood or I don’t remember what I’d read) – been there, done that. But that doesn’t keep me from commenting about them…

Jane Austen

What would Jane do?

I love this quote. I want to read The Jane Austen Book Club but I never got around ordering it. Then I wanted to DO the Jane Austen Book Club, but since I’d only read Persuasion to its fullest (big, Victorian English novels freaked me out) it didn’t turn out so well and my friends and I have been trying to conclude Sense and Sensibility since last January. I did go through with Pride and Prejudice, though. And Emma was quite good during test week, but never got to the middle of it. Anyway, it’s a challenge on Austen or Austen-based novels, both of which are the sort of books I’d like to read voluntarily this year.

Old friends & New fancies (…ma non ditelo a Zia Jane!)

This blog is awesome. Seriously. Even though it made me realise just HOW MUCH my Italian is limited, it is a witty, fun community of Austen and Austen-like readers. If only I was better at Italian, I’d happily join in their several discussions. I think Google Translator and I will become even better friends. Did I mention their first book is Bridget Jones? Which I read last year and LOVED? I’ll certainly read the follow up when they do. Didn’t know it was connected to Persuasion, though now it makes perfect sense.

French authors

Refraining from joining in, but they have an awesome list of translated French books that I hope I’ll take some ideas from, as the year goes by. I was hoping I could read them in the original (obviously not Les Miserables or anything) by the end of the year, but again, Le Petit Nicolas is stuck in my shelf so…

Victorian challenge

All books I’m embarrassed about not having read, have probably bought the cheap Penguin editions and immediately neglected them. Mostly because I don’t really want to read most of them, I just want to know more about their time. If that makes any sense. The link above leads to a sort of book club thing, a book a month, that I found really cool. Love book clubs. Especially when they work.

Sprig Muslin, by Georgette Heyer (2011)

The Bennet Sisters 

I’ve read this blog for quite a while, it has amazing reviews that really make me see if the book is worth it (usually they aren’t forgotten by the others when I finally get them). This book sounds promising.



And of course, a site I had forgotten for a while due to Gmail throwing it in Bulk Mail and not telling me about it. This article is on a service that sends you letters from famous authors. Copies of letters, but letters nonetheless. Which is kinda cool. Though I still like actual penpals. Even if I don’t have/can’t find one.

Which reminds me, that postcard blog hasn’t emailed me anything yet. :(

Must sleeeep.

The Luxe

Last night I finally managed to finish the last chapters of this book, which as I’d mentioned had been forgotten in my shelf for several months. I picked it up where I’d started it and must confess after I finished it I reread the first chapter.

Pretty much all characters are incredibly annoying – my margin comments went from “Girls suck” to “Boys suck too!” in a few pages. I’d read somewhere that this was recommended for Gossip Girl fans and it makes sense. Anyone who wanted to slap annoying Nate several times in one episode will want to do the same with Henry Schoonmaker, super rich kid who drinks, parties and gets it all stamped on the newspapers, much to his dad’s dismay. But now his dad is going int

o politics and he’s gotta pull himself together and start acting like a man. Which he means as a gentleman, I guess. It’s 1899.

To achieve such a feat young Schoonmaker must marry Elizabeth Holland (who, in the first chapter we find out, won’t be marrying him, as her funeral will instead take place in the day of the wedding), a nice girl, a very nice girl. She’s got a sister, Diana, who’s super annoying and fancies herself a romantic. They’ve got an incredibly bad relationship, to the point where I thought they were just girls living under the same, big roof. To my delight, in the end of the book there’s a conversation between Diana and their mother that made me skip in joy while listening to a

bad soap opera’s TANTAAAN. But anyway, their dad recently died and they are facing financial difficulties and selling of paintings and such and Elizabeth, the elder, must marry well. Very well.

There are maids and “friends” and minor twists, but mostly not very likable characters. Plus, to be quite frank, there are some dialogues that are really quite poor, almost like someone else stuck them (i.e. Chapter 38). My reasons to keep up and finish reading it fell on the time (the customs, the dresses, the mans

ions) and the wonder about whether or not my guess about Elizabeth’s death was correct (it was).

As I was reading it, I’d told myself I wasn’t going to read any other books of the series – after all, there must be other books set in a non-contemporary world, with much more likable characters wearing nice dresses a

nd attending balls, I just can’t seem to find them (suggestions appreciated). But the ending was so abrupt that even with a not-so-exciting first chapter I sort of want to see what happens next. And hope for a big happy ending after three books.

But maybe I can run away from its sequels…

I hate Vista

I hardly ever use Windows Vista because I can do pretty much everything I want to do using Ubuntu, only a whole lot faster and a whole less annoying. But Ubuntu doesn´t like DVDs, so I went for Vista. With a book by my side, because otherwise my beloved old laptop might suffer from my focused hatred. Everything takes a veeeery long time, no matter how much disk is available (seriously, there are like 100 friggin´ Gig for it). It became worse with time, poor little laptop is about 4 years old, which Dad tells me is a lot. And it never warns me that the battery is low (unlike Ubuntu), it just turns itself off, so I´ve pretty much fried its battery keeping it plugged. And it always always always wants to check or update something, getting larger and larger, heavier and heavier. I really hate Vista.

Anyway, that was at midnight. It is now 4h30 am!

I skipped the DVDs and went through my email (found out my book is on the mail! and Gmail had hidden it), read some five chapters of “The Luxe”, talked to some people, read some reviews, decided I really must start growing money and time in order to read everything I found interesting and then suddenly my browser shuts down. My folder window shuts down. I click on them to open and they refuse.

The hatred increases as that little wheely thingie comes to screen. Then everything gets shut off and there comes a screen of Windows updates. 2/3, it says. Why didn´t it politely ask me if I wanted an update? Or if I wanted a reboot, which inevitably this is leading to? I´d have politely read it. And clicked on Not Now and/or Remind me in 7 days.  It was my choice!

Wasn´t it?

I begin to wonder if this is all a master plan of Windows´ so that Ubuntu never functions again. And then I´ll be forced to stick to Vista. For ever.

Or until Dad decides to be kind enough to come up with a magical solution (I´m not the computer geek at home). Which could be a very long time.

It loads. It reboots. It goes to 3/3. 10%. 35%. 50%……..100%! Click on my username. It loads. And it loads. And it loads some more. Click on my ff icon. More waiting and cursing. Friggin´ MSN comes out of nowhere. And Windows Defender wants to check something. So does AVG. AVG wants to make updates too, it got jealous of Vista´s. No, not now. And finally – FINALLY – I get online again and remember all I wanted was to watch my new Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers DVD, which I have been looking for quite some time.

And it is late. It is very late and I´m very tired and I see that tomorrow/today isn´t going to be nearly as productive as I had anticipated.

I´m blaming it on Vista.