This is so cool. Really. I’m super excited. Ever heard of postcard swapping? With people online? With an actual message on the back, from someone you don’t know saying something nice on the back of a place you’ve probably never been to? How fun would that be?!

I’ve always wanted a penpal, especially now that I’ve started learning French (and discovered I still remember a lot of Italian), I thought maybe I could write in English or Portuguese and they could answer me in their language. It would be so much fun! I love writing and receiving letters, and in fact sent quite a lot of them to my friends, but gave up since none of them returned my interest. Then I thought emails were the solution, but it turns out they weren’t quite fond of writing at all. So I turned to diaries/journals and they’ve kept me busy.

Anyways, I think this is awesome, I’ve signed up for it (through my P.O. box, a bit weary of handing out my actual address for the moment). Be brave! Go browse some local postcards and tell me you wouldn’t like to have someone to send them to! Or, if you do have someone to send them to, think about all of us, lonely people, forgotten by our long distance relatives in their fancy trips, or by our non-postal-friendly friends. And then subscribe! :D


5 thoughts on “Postcards

  1. Ah, I missed this on my notification bar. You know what? To hell with waiting for them to get back to us. Let’s just send each other stuff. mind if I send you an e-mail with my address? I’ll go out and get you a postcard. :)

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