I hate Vista

I hardly ever use Windows Vista because I can do pretty much everything I want to do using Ubuntu, only a whole lot faster and a whole less annoying. But Ubuntu doesn´t like DVDs, so I went for Vista. With a book by my side, because otherwise my beloved old laptop might suffer from my focused hatred. Everything takes a veeeery long time, no matter how much disk is available (seriously, there are like 100 friggin´ Gig for it). It became worse with time, poor little laptop is about 4 years old, which Dad tells me is a lot. And it never warns me that the battery is low (unlike Ubuntu), it just turns itself off, so I´ve pretty much fried its battery keeping it plugged. And it always always always wants to check or update something, getting larger and larger, heavier and heavier. I really hate Vista.

Anyway, that was at midnight. It is now 4h30 am!

I skipped the DVDs and went through my email (found out my book is on the mail! and Gmail had hidden it), read some five chapters of “The Luxe”, talked to some people, read some reviews, decided I really must start growing money and time in order to read everything I found interesting and then suddenly my browser shuts down. My folder window shuts down. I click on them to open and they refuse.

The hatred increases as that little wheely thingie comes to screen. Then everything gets shut off and there comes a screen of Windows updates. 2/3, it says. Why didn´t it politely ask me if I wanted an update? Or if I wanted a reboot, which inevitably this is leading to? I´d have politely read it. And clicked on Not Now and/or Remind me in 7 days.  It was my choice!

Wasn´t it?

I begin to wonder if this is all a master plan of Windows´ so that Ubuntu never functions again. And then I´ll be forced to stick to Vista. For ever.

Or until Dad decides to be kind enough to come up with a magical solution (I´m not the computer geek at home). Which could be a very long time.

It loads. It reboots. It goes to 3/3. 10%. 35%. 50%……..100%! Click on my username. It loads. And it loads. And it loads some more. Click on my ff icon. More waiting and cursing. Friggin´ MSN comes out of nowhere. And Windows Defender wants to check something. So does AVG. AVG wants to make updates too, it got jealous of Vista´s. No, not now. And finally – FINALLY – I get online again and remember all I wanted was to watch my new Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers DVD, which I have been looking for quite some time.

And it is late. It is very late and I´m very tired and I see that tomorrow/today isn´t going to be nearly as productive as I had anticipated.

I´m blaming it on Vista.


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