I wandering aimlessly around here and bumped into pretty cool blogs and challenges. Oh, the challenges… (I should be a BCA or something.)

First, there’s a Jane Austen challenge!! Well, several, actually. And they all sound really good, but I am NOT signing up for Jane or I’ll end up stuck and in freaky state (only read her when I’m in the mood or I don’t remember what I’d read) – been there, done that. But that doesn’t keep me from commenting about them…

Jane Austen

What would Jane do?

I love this quote. I want to read The Jane Austen Book Club but I never got around ordering it. Then I wanted to DO the Jane Austen Book Club, but since I’d only read Persuasion to its fullest (big, Victorian English novels freaked me out) it didn’t turn out so well and my friends and I have been trying to conclude Sense and Sensibility since last January. I did go through with Pride and Prejudice, though. And Emma was quite good during test week, but never got to the middle of it. Anyway, it’s a challenge on Austen or Austen-based novels, both of which are the sort of books I’d like to read voluntarily this year.

Old friends & New fancies (…ma non ditelo a Zia Jane!)

This blog is awesome. Seriously. Even though it made me realise just HOW MUCH my Italian is limited, it is a witty, fun community of Austen and Austen-like readers. If only I was better at Italian, I’d happily join in their several discussions. I think Google Translator and I will become even better friends. Did I mention their first book is Bridget Jones? Which I read last year and LOVED? I’ll certainly read the follow up when they do. Didn’t know it was connected to Persuasion, though now it makes perfect sense.

French authors

Refraining from joining in, but they have an awesome list of translated French books that I hope I’ll take some ideas from, as the year goes by. I was hoping I could read them in the original (obviously not Les Miserables or anything) by the end of the year, but again, Le Petit Nicolas is stuck in my shelf so…

Victorian challenge

All books I’m embarrassed about not having read, have probably bought the cheap Penguin editions and immediately neglected them. Mostly because I don’t really want to read most of them, I just want to know more about their time. If that makes any sense. The link above leads to a sort of book club thing, a book a month, that I found really cool. Love book clubs. Especially when they work.

Sprig Muslin, by Georgette Heyer (2011)

The Bennet Sisters 

I’ve read this blog for quite a while, it has amazing reviews that really make me see if the book is worth it (usually they aren’t forgotten by the others when I finally get them). This book sounds promising.



And of course Good.is, a site I had forgotten for a while due to Gmail throwing it in Bulk Mail and not telling me about it. This article is on a service that sends you letters from famous authors. Copies of letters, but letters nonetheless. Which is kinda cool. Though I still like actual penpals. Even if I don’t have/can’t find one.

Which reminds me, that postcard blog hasn’t emailed me anything yet. :(

Must sleeeep.


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