No more wisdom

Finally, I don’t have to talk or worry or cringe at the mention of my dentist appointment to remove my last two wisdom teeth. I managed to put it off for quite a while, but at last, I am wisdom-less. Or something like that. Can’t think straight. Can’t feel half my face. Including half my tongue. It’s so freaking weird!

Plus, I can’t talk or it hurts/people don’t understand me/the thing seems to spread and I can’t feel more parts of my mouth. It’s driving me insane. An hour longer for the effect to go away. And then maybe some pain will appear, as I smelled the fresh scent of bone being drilled? And no-one gave me any painkillers for it, even though I pointed out several times that I am not brave. At all. In fact, I am the exact opposite of brave. Especially when concerning people messing inside my mouth. (Seriously, my shirt was drenched when I got out of that chair.) Feel no need at all to prove I’m a big girl to the stranger saying it’s normal to bleed a little.

Oh yeah. The weird metallic taste half my mouth is sensing? Blooood. My teeth look fairly vampire-y. Would put Twilight to shame. Though that’s not so hard to accomplish.

Big Teethless Baby.

(image from here)


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