Books per say

One of the things that’s slowly sinking in is that I like books more than I like reading. Which is a bit sad.

A lot can happen that will make me stop reading a really cool sci-fi novel or YA or whatever (pretty much anything but Meg Cabot, slightly ashamed to admit), but no matter what, no matter where, I still drool over books. Hard cover or not, old and yellow-y or new and crystal white, thrown and forgotten in public benches or neatly aligned in a library – I love them all.

So one thing I couldn’t skip this week was taking a minor tour at one of the libraries I bumped into. It’s the central, generic engineering one so after some shelves of physics and calculus, you’re left with loads of really old books, some of which are falling apart. Felt a bit like the Harry Potter movies books at times. Shame these poor babies were stuck in metal shelves. Doubt anyone actually uses them either.

I'd love to be able to write like that....





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