Is the sky really blue?

I’ve been reading “Through the language glass” on and off ever since I got it, a year and a half ago, and it’s a really interesting book – I think I let go of it only so it won’t end so quickly. One of the cases it discusses is the colour of the sky. Apparently, people have been studying what colour primitive or isolated societies think the sky is and rarely it is “blue”. The general response seems to be “We don’t think about that”, or “black” – even on a cloudless day. He supposes it has to do with the vastness of space. He even tested on his daughter: he trained her to recognize blue objects (as an infant) and when it finally came to her describing the sky, it varied a great deal, she was uncertain about it.

Anyways, as I was killing time lying on the big grass field next to the cafeteria parking lot this week, I wondered how could anyone not considered THIS sky blue. It was just SO blue. Hahah

How can it be THAT blue??



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