Happy sunny days

Something has been bugging me. Something my parents aren’t eager to discuss and are equally bugged or worse. Something that will be done and over with by the end of the week and we’ll all have forgotten about by the end of the month. But for now it will bug us.

That’s only because we’re back home, though. You can’t worry much about those things at a sunny beach, or floating around in the big blue ocean with nothing in front of you but endless water and the blue – yes, BLUE – sky, can you?

It had been years since I’d ventured into the water. I used to go with Dad when I was little, but over the last couple of years he’s gotten lazy and stayed put under the tent, holding a well-deserved beer (he’s the one who drives us all the way to the beach). I’m very scared of big waves and so usually stick to the Water Under Belly Buttom Level rule thingie life guards and Dad repeated to me extensively as a child – which is boring as I really like that “bump” of water that comes before the actual wave is formed. I guess they are waves before they break. Over here we call them “marolinhas”. Irrelevant. I love them – something that I blame Dad for, btw – and the good ones are a little further than what would be safe for someone my height and group number (one).

But I took a chance. And just as I stood there, half submerged in the big blue ocean, staring at the horizon, blogging in my head about how this was the first risk I took in a long time, one almost engulfed me. Meaning it almost broke on me. My very tiny head in comparison to its height.

Have I mentioned I’m really quite scared of waves?

Or that I have a thing about salty water getting on my eyes?

As in, I used to shut them off and clutch to Dad’s half drenched shirt to dry them off?

As in, I really, really don’t like to be under seawater?

But, as indicated by the “almost”, much to the post’s climax’s dismay and much to this author’s delight — it didn’t. Barely. Which, of course, meant I went back in there today and tried to repeat the feat. One did get to me. Not as dramatically, thankfully, but enough to get me out of the water. Eyes burned, but not as bad as I remembered. It was my au revoir to the ocean. Back up the hill I am. We are. Thankfully. Dreadful rain on the road.

Anyways, before I forget, have a nice weekend ;)




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