The multiplication of Stuff

So we get back home, safe and sound – and a little sleepy/burned/dehydrated. We get all bags out of the car. Drag our respective assortment of bags to our respective rooms. Only something seems off.

My bedroom has been a mess ever since, well, ever, but I’m blaming recent renewals (i.e. shelf that’s arriving in 3 weeks) for the aggravated mess of the last months. So it was already pretty messy when I left it.

But trying to stuff all the other messy stuff from my suitcase back  to it…. everything has multiplied! Or inflated! Something must have happened, ’cause it’s getting out of control messy. Even I‘m getting bothered by it. And Mom believed I was immune!

Must get some boxes.

Or a warehouse.

Or a dumpster.

Something to figure out tomorrow. Terribly sleepy. Just wanted to post this picture ;]

Chill song (love this band) – “Lay me down” by A Weather .


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