Ends of holidays always end up being more productive than the rest of it, don´t they?

I´m halfway through a really fun read by Sophie Kinsella, “Twenties Girl”, which I found at a second hand shop last year and had forgotten all about it. I know it´s kind of difficult not to like Sophie Kinsella books, but this one is particularly cute. The main character is one of those annoyingly obsessed female characters who keep on dreaming about their exes, eventhough they aren´t all that great to begin with and are no longer interested – I always wish I could shake them and yell “Have you no self respect, woman?!?”. Luckily, her great-aunt´s  ghost – yup, she wrote a ghost story -, in all her 1920´s glory, is kind of stalking her to find a necklace (and later, go on a date with a, quote, delicious man, unquote) and she´s reaally fun and doesn´t hesitate to voice whatever is on her mind — I´ve found my heroine!!

I´ll quote her later, it´s too good.

Meanwhile, I am slowly crawling with/in Python on the Udacity courses. Have I mentioned I´m absolutely loving both courses? Very impressed with Professor Evans, from CS101 (“How to build a search engine” or something). I had a really good time in Unit 1. And then I got the guts to try CS373, which demands all that Python I neglected over the holidays. It was brutal. Really. But slowly they all began functioning. Not elegant in the very least, mind you, and I´d stare in shock at the much shorter answers prof Thrun gave afterwards, but at least they work. Then I spent all my Sunday afternoon staring in despair at the homework programming assignment. Bloody matrixes. Now it seems to be working. Some bits to sort out. Wednesday.

And all this is being blurted out by yours truly because she chose to believe the official university calendar, as opposed to word of mouth, and bumped into a shut door, at 8am, sleepy and hungry. I love this library. Classes begin tomorrow, so technically I´m still on holiday :)

Have a good week! (;

(more on miscellaneous here)

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