Poor Dudu

I’ve got a stuffed dog named Dudu, who has been my loyal bedside table guest and companion for every trip I have taken in the last… 12 years? Something like that.

During that time, I think he was washed… once? Maybe twice. Which means he has been dusty for years. And for years I have been saying I’ll wash him, but I never seemed to get the courage/time.

Finally, this week, I saw this Instructable on how to wash stuffed animals and got convinced that it was time. He would get drenched. He would look miserable. He would be hanged to dry for a whole day. But at least mom would stop blaming him for all the dust in the room.

Can I call him him? I remember my English teacher saying you could call pets him and her, but I never heard/read anyone say it. Sounds so mean to call Dudu it just because he’s stuffed – he IS my pet.

My actual living pet, Meg, was a little jealous of the attention.*

He/It STILL hasn't dried. It's been 3 hours. I think I'll have to blow dry him later.

*completely off the point (but then, what WAS the point?), did you know that “jealousy” in French is “jalousie” – as in, pretty much the same way it is spoken in English? I was shocked.


One thought on “Poor Dudu

  1. He’s adorable! I’ve had to put away all my favourites ever since I got a puppy home, he doesn’t like things competing with him for my attention. And although he’s the cutest thing ever, I feel terrible about all those teddy bears, and baby seals that have to stay in my cupboard. I worry about them not being able to..breathe. Yes. I’m aware of how stupid that sounds, but. They’ve been mine ever since I was two or something. We’re allowed to think these thoughts, right? And call them hims and hers?

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