Three Super Awesome Inventions

There comes a time in a person’s life where she just needs to stand up and ask for help – in my case, after researching on about five different inventions/discoveries and not really finding what I need.

So I hereby, humbly, ask for HELP!

I need to write about three significant discoveries/inventions for society and  how they changed law and how we live. The examples given were portable phones, bow & arrow, anesthesia. Initially, I thought I’d write about rings and books and Nylon. Just because it would be fun to figure out where they came from. But as it turns out, finding out when rings were first used is a bit tricky – there are people claiming (though I can’t figure out why) cave men used rings of braided grass on their chosen women to attain their soul or something. And then they were used by everyone on numerous occasions, with a brief break during roman times. Oh, also, apparently in the 1800’s it was customary to give your fiancée a ring, but it was mostly made of ivory or iron. If it was made of silver or gold, it meant the guy trusted the woman with his most precious items. Or something.

And books? What books are we talking about? The ones transcribed by monks? The rolls of parchment? Or the hardcover, press-printed ones? Too many freaking variables.

Even the bow & arrow, are we talking simply of European societies, so England circa 16th century, and ignoring the Mayans or the Incs or whoever used them too? Doesn’t it strike you as a bit mean to disregard them? But then there are so many conflicting theories on their Law and social arrangements that I really really don’t wanna join the discussion.

Anywho, if you have a suggestion for me, I’d be veeery thankful, since it is due tomorrow :P

*The picture is from that 1901 light bulb.


7 thoughts on “Three Super Awesome Inventions

  1. Coffee? The internet? Colour television?
    Instead of books, try the printing press.
    Erm. Sewing machines. Shoes. Prosthetic limbs. Ships.
    For discoveries – that we could donate blood. Or a kidney. Salt. Cotton.

    • Thanks for suggesting! ;D
      Thank God that thing is over!

      Bit of trivia:
      I didn’t use it for this assignment, but my Chem teacher did tell me air conditioners were first idealised to control humidity in the scales room in labs and was only after it was installed that people realised it also cooled air in the process. Not sure if it is true, but… :]

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