Actual books

I´ve got other stuff I´d like post here first, but-

Can I just say something?

I realise being able to download books into my phone/tablet/whatever would make life a whole lot easier for me (not just cheaper, several books I want to read simply don´t get here) and that that´s the solution given by most people I´ve asked “Do you ship internationally?”, but I don´t like it.

I´ve got some books (especially some of those heavy text books) on my computer and they are handy, but when I´m reading simply because I want to read, I want to do it my way. And my way is picky. Very picky.

I judge books not only by their covers, but by their font, their paper, their scent. They will be my companion for days/weeks/months and then rest with all my other, carefully picked books – I get to be picky. I have some books I really wanted to read that just stayed on my shelf for months, sometimes years, that I only read after I´d lent them to somebody else and they´d returned yellow-ish and worn. Others, only after I´d gotten a new edition (I´d have never finished reading Pride & Prejudice if I hadn´t been given this lovely edition). Can I do that to e-books?


They all look kind of… okay, it is going to sound stupid, but… synthetic. Fake. They lack the allure of a real book, the elegance, the self-importance of a printed book.

Plus, being a used book kind of girl, it makes them all the more special when I know somebody else owned/read them. Like they´ve got history and I´m a little part of it.

How can I get that from a pdf/djvu/epub/… file?

So that´s why I still get my books shipped instead of buying the $0.99 e-book.

(All that because I was wandering through Green Paw-Paw and clicked on the sidebar thingie. There are other ebook-resistants out there! Button added.)

Read the Printed Word!

(I came to the library with pure study reasons, why did I have to check my email??)


5 thoughts on “Actual books

  1. I thought I was the only one who judged by font. Some fonts I just loathe when I pick up a book, usually YA fonts because they make them bigger like teenagers can’t read as small as adults or something?! Not even sure. Glad you found the printed word meme.

    • YA fonts are bigger? Haven´t really noticed. They are usually more… spaced. So they´ll get thicker? I don´t know. Feels kind of loose.
      I have an issue with really tiny pocket versions of very long Russian novels – everything looks so tiny and close and thrown together it looks a bit claustrophobic.
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I do that, too. I’m picky about the paper and the smell. And I adore used books. I love shiny new ones as well, but..I dunno. There are certain books that I want brand new, and there are some that I will pick up only if they’re second hand. And I don’t have a fixed rule for differentiating the two, it’s just a feeling.

    P.S. Are you on Goodreads?

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