Oh, the temptation…

People are mean.

I know I´ve said this a bit too often, but I really am busy. I´ve spent my Saturday trying to find out why rubeanic acid reacts with acetone to develop chromatograms of Ni, Cu and Co solutions. And I´ve only found answers in a freaky German book from 1859. I think I found it, since I speak zero German and Google translater doesn´t want to help me.

But anyway, I´m busy.

And yet, people keep on throwing books at me.

Okay, maybe sometimes they only show their books and comment on the amazing time they had with them and I do my Best-book-carrier look and they end up lending them to me. But still….

The pile gets bigger!

I´ve given up on “Sushi” for the moment, cheated on “Artemis Fowl” with “Specials“, felt too guilty about it after reading this, got back to Artemis, and then yesterday, waiting on my desk, was the most delightful of surprises:

It got here! It got here!

I ordered this over a month ago on Better World Books and just when I´d given up, and was beginning to think Dad was right, saying they were too good to be true, it arrived! And it´s a bit worn and seemingly read. If it had the previous owner´s notes/name it would be perfection.

(Can´t say “perfection” without thinking about Chandler in that bank during the blackout, being offered gum by that famous girl. I miss Friends.)

Anyhow, today mom and I visited one of mom´s friends – book lovers beware, she used to run a library at her house, now she settles for giving select people handfuls of books to “pass around to people we like”. Mom got some 9 thrillers, I got “Committed“, by the same author of “Eat, Pray, Love“, and  “The Girls from Ames“, which I´d never heard about — it looks like a terrific read.

Not that I´ll give in to temptation and take a peak. I cannot. I will not. Rubeanic acid, Laplacian transforms and capacitors await me this week. No time for books.

Eventhough “Artemis Fowl” is getting pretty good.



“Artemis Fowl” was recommended to me by Aylee at Recovering Potter Addict, I think (though I can´t for the life of me find her comment). Thanks!!

“Secret Society Girl” was recommended to me Kay from The Infinite Shelf, thanks in advance :D


2 thoughts on “Oh, the temptation…

  1. I’m going to be a good little girl and recommend Trudi Canavan’s The Black Magician Trilogy (which is really really really good) when you’re a little less tied up.

    Oh, no. Heh heh. Whoops. :P

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