Writers’ Block & Writers’ Bloc

Have you not yet heard about Writers’ Bloc? Go take a look. They can explain it a lot better than me, in my current state. No even Plinky could get me a subject (just joined and totally have a story about being completely lost in past couple of days, but it just sounds baaad everytime I try to tell it).

Can I blame it on all the phagocytes trying to eat whatever it is I seem to have contracted?

But where was I? Writers’ Bloc, the awesome Goodreads group. They are gathering ideas for the first book to be discussed. First four books, actually. Doesn´t it sound like fun? Haven´t you always wanted to be in a book club? Come oon, go take a look already.

I´m looking forward to it. Especially since it seems one of the first books will be Harry Potter, and I´ve never really got a chance to discuss it properly. You know, with people who were also gasping at Quidditch matches and marvelling at the explanation for having the Whomping Willow at Hogwarts, conveniently guarding a secret passage into the Shrieking Shack (for more of my Hogwarts nostalgia, click here). And the focus of the group is, obviously, writing. It´d be nice to dissect some of the styles… That sounds bad. Is there a less destructive equivalent of dissecting? Meeh.

But anyways, the group has some great badges and by joining them you get to display one at your blog, should you have one.

I´m not really much of a writer. I tend to write a lot. In this blog, in my journal, in long emails to some friends, wherever. But it´s not really writing, it´s babbling. Sometimes I have a point, most times I don´t – it´s just that insane need to verbalize what´s on your mind. (I had a language teacher who made that sound really good. Gotta find that notebook.) I used to write short stories and chronicles at school, but somehow it just went away, and I guess I´m kind of hoping Writers’ Bloc would give me the push I need to get back to it (and perhaps the tools to make it half decent?).

I´ve always wanted to be able to use Gimp (that awesome opensource image manipulation program that´s supposed to be better than Photoshop and annoyingly noone I know in the field seems to care about it) but I´ve never done anything because I had no ideas I could actually implement with the little knowledge I have – then this guy comes along and, well, I don´t wanna be addicted to brain crack. Here´s my first ever animated image on Gimp:

As stated, Writers’ Bloc has some great badges with witty catch phrases, but should you want to use that one, go ahead :)

That´s it. Got a driving lesson to get to!


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