He just DIED!

I´ve spent most of my day in a haze, telling my mother “But he just DIED!” and having her stare at me with the “It´s a BOOK!” look.

But isn´t it terrible when authors just decide to KILL their characters? Their precious characters? The ones we love and look forward to hearing (reading) about? They just kill them.



While I attempt to recover, has any character made you feel this way too?


9 thoughts on “He just DIED!

  1. Hahahaha, this is going to make me sound sadistic, but I like it when authors suddenly and unexpectedly kill off characters, because I like to do the same from time to time in my own writing. If I’m reading books with other people I even like to make bets on who I think is going to die (and am almost always right). I’m nearing the end of a book right now, The Elegance of the Hedgehog, and I can sense it…someone is about to die. I am almost certain of it. As long as it’s powerful, well timed, and moving, I am happy. I want my books to move me to all the highs and depths of emotion. :)

    • You can sense it? How eerie…. (Did it happen?)

      Now that’s the grown up response to it, and I realise it makes a lot of sense, especially because there are a zillion bad books whose characters got killed and I was absolutely unmoved and it sucked. But there’s always a good portion of my brain that will remain its Jane Austen-y position — at least in fiction, let’s have happy endings! :)
      Though I can’t really see how any happy-ending writer would make this one work.

      • Hahaha, now I can’t tell you if it happened or else I might ruin the book, should you happen to read it in the future. But it did move me to tears, which is very rare indeed.
        It’s understandable – I know a lot of people who much prefer happy endings, and I often think age, wisdom, experience, intelligence etc all have little to do with this preference. I’m just a little bit crazy :P

  2. Every time I read a book and bawl my eyes out, and my mum happens to be passing by, she gives me the, “Who is it THIS time?” look. And that just makes it worse. There’s a whole list of characters that I’ve cried over, but I’m not going to tell you until I’m sure you’ve read them. I wouldn’t do that to you.

    Which book were you reading? :(

  3. Ah, that’s not fair. If I tell you, and you haven’t read them, and then you go read them, you’ll expect it. But the thing is, they’re all really, really good books. I’ll tell you what. I’ll sneakily slip those in along with a huge list of recommendations I’m sending your way on Goodreads, and then you’ll know, and I won’t feel too bad about it.

    You do have the summer off now, yes?

  4. Hahahah! This is so funny! Well there is two. The first has to be Profesor Dumbledore in Harry potter. I mean Harry is a good guy an everything but his magical skill are poor and Dumbledore was just awesome, so when he was killed i was like “harry’s screwed,”. The other is Sherlock Holmes. When he died i was like “Scotland yard is screwed,”

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