They´re heeeere!

(This is one of those I-don´t-have-much-to-say-but-I´m-so-excited-my-books-got-here moments. Lots of pictures coming your way.)

The lovely books I ordered on Better World Books have arrived sooner than expected!

And in a big, green bag.

Thanks, BWB! ;)

Here are the new members of the happy family:

A couple for next semester, a couple for mindless fun at the beeach (which won´t be cold, against all odds), aand the recommendation Tanya gave me, sometime ago.

Remember the evil suggestion?
It looks great, can´t wait to read it!

But for the moment (a week and a half away from the winter holidays, going through finals), I´ll sit with the heavy textbooks and enjoy the library´s view.



3 thoughts on “They´re heeeere!

    Okay, the first book is good, the second -better, and the third has one of my favourite characters of all time. Keep reading, okay?

    How I wish I could just lend you my books.

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