Parenthesis & Gilmore Girls realisations

I’ve got a feeling this post will be a parenthetical one. You were warned.

You know how sometimes you’re talking to someone and you hit it off and all is good ’till you have to say “bye” and it turns out majorly awkward and perhaps embarrassing? (Not to brag, but I’m the friggin’ master.) Well, I don’t know how everyone else deals with it, but I mainly – and involuntarily – mull over it while forgetting all the happy Hey-this-was-fun feelings.

Something along those lines happened today and I was bummed and didn’t know why. And then I watched a Gilmore Girls episode

(Mom and I are re-watching it. Again. Third time, I think.  It just keeps getting better! And I keep noticing more stuff – movies to watch, books to read, bands to listen to. Speaking of which, anyone ever read “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg?)

in which Jess finally arrives to Stars Hollow – we’d been expecting him for quite some time, and had been making lists of reasons why he’s so much more interesting than Dean (not a good re-watch for Dean this time), but then he finally came and… well, he was more than a bit annoying! (Notice I use the past tense in the hopes he’ll grow out of it, again.)

And that bugged me too.

And I think something hit me. A stupid, simple realisation that may – may – aid me next time I experience some stupid social embarrassment.

I don’t have to like you all the time.

You don’t have to like me all the time.

And it’s okay! Ain’t a big deal. It happens. (Even with Jess.)

And I know that now that I’ve put it into semi-coherent sentences the thought is neither original nor revolutionary, but trust me, it’s a big deal to me. Particularly because I think it’s more difficult to accept that than the “You don’t have to like me. PERIOD”, which is bad, but at least you can put those people into a tiny can, label it Okay, Then and move on — with people you’re friends or sorta friends with you can’t really… compartmentalise. They’ll fight with the others if you stick them in the Okay, Then can. Which I guess is what makes them friends. Or sorta friends.


I thought I had something insightful for today. Really did. What waas it? Came up during one of the tests today. (Two tests today, brain rebooting with GG.)

I think I need to watch a few more GG episodes. With some icecream. And popcorn. And tea. (They are always eating! They make me hungry.)

Have a good weekend :D !


“We have buried the putrid corpse of liberty.”
Mussolini, quoted in episode 2.03


4 thoughts on “Parenthesis & Gilmore Girls realisations

  1. Haha good luck with the rebooting!
    And I like your Gilmore Girls lesson, something that I need to take to heart because it always kills me when I think people don’t like me, and because I tend to try to like everyone, or at least give them the benefit of the doubt. And then when they get on my nerves, I just drop them.

    I know, stupid me, and that’s exactly why I need to fix this.

    Thanks for the interesting post!

    • Actually, I DID know about this list! I’ve been lying to myself that I’d read for yeeeears! Haha.
      Good reminder, I’ll post it up if I’m not too overwhelmed by the amount of books not read :)

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