About ten minutes ago, I was lying in my cozy, warm bed, no longer asleep after 10+ hours in it, but still reluctant to get out of it and go on with my day (granted, half my day, since it’s noon already). It’s always been like this. Sleep has always been the bad guy. The numbing, warm, addictive feeling that I had to go through every night — and struggle to get rid off every day. And it’s not even because I’m tired. I’m on holiday. The high point of yesterday was deciding whether of not to wash my hair in this cold, cold wheather. (Seriously, people. I know most of you come from magic lands where it snows and everything, so what am I complaining about? 10, 13oC? Piece of cake. But do imagine: no central heat or decent insulation.)

Anyways — it’s always baffled me how other people handle it. Because surely it can’t just be me, right? I can’t be the only one to be tempted to stay in Morpheus arms forever? And dream of doing everything I want to do, becoming everything I want to become, seeing all I want to see…. and all that without having to get out of my warm cocoon or having to wash my hair!

And I’m just babbling all that because I wanted to start writing again and what is a better excuse to get out of bed than to go blog something on WordPress?


6 thoughts on “Sleep

    • Oh my God, that was fast! Hi Tanya!
      …there’s a WORD for it?! It’s an actual thing?!
      Oh, and people treat it with puppies. I can do that. I can totally do that! =]

      • Haha, I was excited. :P

        That’s cool, huh? I do this thing when I’m bored. Vocabula has a random word feature – here. I just keep going for half an hour and take screenshots of all the words I like. Look up “nelipot” while you’re at it. :)

      • There was this word I used the other day – logorrhea. It’s amazing how quickly people shut up after you tell them what it means. :P

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