Why my girly fase is most definitely over

I was updating my (sad) book list and I HAD to include “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight” by Jennifer E. Smith. Eventhough I didn’t really finish it. I’m like 40 pages to go. So it’s not like I’m… like… trying to cover up having read one book in six months. Noo. None of that. It’s just that I find it relevant to my reading history. And it’s nearly done! And okay, I didn’t want to add just the one book…

But hear me out. This is a book I’d marked in my Goodreads Wishlist several years ago, but never got round to it, because… well, bookstores in my city suck. And then, earlier this year, I was browsing through the “Popular” section and *poof* there it was. And I remembered the cover from Goodreads. So I got it.

And it sucked.

It sucked big time.

the deceitful cover

The cute cover.

As the cover indicates, this is a chick flick. A teen chick flick. Like the ones I used to loooove, and would read in one night and would fall in love with all the characters and gush about to my friends, and lend it to them so we could gush about it unison. So I thought it was a sure thing.

The story is quite simple, actually. Girl gets to airport 4 minutes late and misses her plane, Cute British Guy waits with her and they end up sitting next to each other on the plane and talking and faaaalling in loooove.

Ok. I can handle that. Cute British Guy is in fact adorable, and I had no trouble picturing him next to me on any flight he wanted. But the girl? What was her name? Hadley. GOD, she’s annoying. Think Bella annoying. Plus some, because she is the center of the bloody universe and everything that could possibly happen to her is bad and she hates it. She gets some sense in after a twist in the plot, but just some. Everything is still SO terrible.

Allow me to explain. Her parents got divorced, because her dad went to teach in England and met an assistant (?) and now he’s getting married with her, in London, and she’s going to be a bride’s maid, understandably against her wishes. So she’s kind of going to England forced. And that’s when I start to get annoyed. Ok, the wedding will suck, her dad is asshole (seriously, there’s piling evidence), she has to play nice and show up in photos. So what? She’s in London. Take the damn pictures and go see the city!

I also couldn’t quite relate to her mother, because Hadley keeps trying to talk to her on the phone and she never picks up, attributed to the time difference and that her mom never wakes up early. Her daughter just got on a plane and crossed the Atlantic, she doesn’t care if she got there okay? Or maybe my mom is just overprotective.

Hadley finds out some THINGS that her father and new stepmom are keeping from her (take one guess), and naturally gets upset. She gets upset a LOT. She hasn’t seen her father in like… a year? And she was distracted by her mother (they went on a trip?) for a weekend, so her dad could come to their house and pick up everything he wanted. And then go back to England without saying hi. So let’s say she DOES have reason to be upset. A lot.

But she doesn’t DO anything about it, just pouts and acts like the teenager people always ignore. You’re angry? BE ANGRY! Let it out! Tell your dad what a crappy dad he’s been! Tell your new stepmom you’re not supposed to sleep with married men! Heck, tell her the mistress doesn’t get to wear a white dress to her wedding! Just DO something! Then maybe you’d see the good parts too? Don’t just stand there complaining about everything — in your HEAD. Makes for a very uninteresting read.

And I genuinely thought this was obvious. Everyone must have been annoyed, right? Everyone must have wanted to throw this book out and never see it again. But nooo. According to Goodreads, it’s a 3.79 stars read. I managed to find these two reviews that sort of agree with me. And now that I’ve read them, I see it — it IS dull. All that time in the plane? As slow as if I’d been there, trying to read “On Flight Magazine”, while I had expected… well, love at first sight.

But the thing is— I used to be a veery girly girl. I read a k-zillion chick flicks and I genuinely enjoyed them, no matter how iffy their characters were. And this book? I didn’t even write my name on it. I’m thinking of donating it to the local library. (Which is extreemely difficult, btw, because I’m ubber jealous of my books and only lend them to my trust-worthy, most loved friends. But this one? Not worth standing next to my “Abundance of Katherines”.)

To sum it up — BLEH.



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