It rains

(FromĀ, didn’t get if it was the original sketch from Heroes or a fan art…)

I was going to spend my afternoon making snide remarks about all the actors and lines from the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice with my one-year-old, once-met reading club, but as it happened to all the other plans of the group over the last year, it too failed. (It’s a holiday! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person in my circle of friends who isn’t busy enough to say “Sorry, I’ve already got plans” to whatever invite they make. Should really consider lying next time.)

Then I was going to go look for wallpaper for my room (amidst renovations, after 19 years of begging), only to find out it’s super expensive.

And then it started raining, which I’m taking as an excuse to stay home and do nothing useful (as if that was something new) for hours on end. Let’s see how far the blogging goes today, shall we?

I found (through very cute Brazilian blog who recently started blogging in English too) this band called Puggy that’s very nice indeed (I’m picky). It’s linked to Grooveshark to anyone interested in listening to their fun, cool album (that I’d buy, but it doesn’t seem to be in national grounds, para variar…).

Also, this is nicer than the original rainy sounds through my window! (Oh, the digital world…)

(Very fond of parenthetical remarks today.)