To infinity and beyond!

That was the title to a WordPress trending post. Or something. Apparently, we’re getting infinite scrolling at some point. Yay!

But it reminded me of two things.

Firstly, I studied Laplace transforms through Salman Khan’s videos (the ones Bill Gates’s son was using for school and were granted a whole lot of money to form the Khan Academy, an aaawesome place if you’re absolutely lost in Calculus and the textbook isn’t helping), and everytime Sal enunciated the Laplace transform definition, I heard “From zero to infinity – and beyond!“.

Laplace transform definition (from here)

And secondly, eventhough I was outraged when I read that Matt has never read Harry Potter books, I have never watched Toy Story 1 or 2. Which made the 3rd one a bit odd, what with all the people crying next to me.