It got here!

At last, the book I’d ordered from Better World Books, Extras, got here! I thought it had been lost cause of weird shipping address (should have gotten here last week), but I guess it all turned out okay, they told me to wait a bit (very good, fast customer service). ┬áIt’s so pretty…. And new, even though it said used…. And it’s the pretty edition I like… And… aaah.

I’m drooling over the book, the BWB wrapping and the note inside. Can’t believe there is such a thing as free international shipping! But here it is, living proof. Pretty sure Dad still doesn’t believe it (he’d told me it was a scam). Too bad it arrived earlier than I’d anticipated and I still haven’t got Specials… Guess I’ll read it ebook form just cause I’m so excited about this one! (Hate ebooks)

Doesn't it look happy at its new home?