They´re heeeere!

(This is one of those I-don´t-have-much-to-say-but-I´m-so-excited-my-books-got-here moments. Lots of pictures coming your way.)

The lovely books I ordered on Better World Books have arrived sooner than expected!

And in a big, green bag.

Thanks, BWB! ;)

Here are the new members of the happy family:

A couple for next semester, a couple for mindless fun at the beeach (which won´t be cold, against all odds), aand the recommendation Tanya gave me, sometime ago.

Remember the evil suggestion?
It looks great, can´t wait to read it!

But for the moment (a week and a half away from the winter holidays, going through finals), I´ll sit with the heavy textbooks and enjoy the library´s view.



Oh, the temptation…

People are mean.

I know I´ve said this a bit too often, but I really am busy. I´ve spent my Saturday trying to find out why rubeanic acid reacts with acetone to develop chromatograms of Ni, Cu and Co solutions. And I´ve only found answers in a freaky German book from 1859. I think I found it, since I speak zero German and Google translater doesn´t want to help me.

But anyway, I´m busy.

And yet, people keep on throwing books at me.

Okay, maybe sometimes they only show their books and comment on the amazing time they had with them and I do my Best-book-carrier look and they end up lending them to me. But still….

The pile gets bigger!

I´ve given up on “Sushi” for the moment, cheated on “Artemis Fowl” with “Specials“, felt too guilty about it after reading this, got back to Artemis, and then yesterday, waiting on my desk, was the most delightful of surprises:

It got here! It got here!

I ordered this over a month ago on Better World Books and just when I´d given up, and was beginning to think Dad was right, saying they were too good to be true, it arrived! And it´s a bit worn and seemingly read. If it had the previous owner´s notes/name it would be perfection.

(Can´t say “perfection” without thinking about Chandler in that bank during the blackout, being offered gum by that famous girl. I miss Friends.)

Anyhow, today mom and I visited one of mom´s friends – book lovers beware, she used to run a library at her house, now she settles for giving select people handfuls of books to “pass around to people we like”. Mom got some 9 thrillers, I got “Committed“, by the same author of “Eat, Pray, Love“, and  “The Girls from Ames“, which I´d never heard about — it looks like a terrific read.

Not that I´ll give in to temptation and take a peak. I cannot. I will not. Rubeanic acid, Laplacian transforms and capacitors await me this week. No time for books.

Eventhough “Artemis Fowl” is getting pretty good.



“Artemis Fowl” was recommended to me by Aylee at Recovering Potter Addict, I think (though I can´t for the life of me find her comment). Thanks!!

“Secret Society Girl” was recommended to me Kay from The Infinite Shelf, thanks in advance :D

The fault…

…is mine and I’ll put it where ever I want. (“A culpa é minha e eu coloco ela em quem eu quiser”)

Or something like that. I was convinced it was a line from Zaphod Beeblebrox, Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxies, but I can’t find it anywhere. I miss Zaphod.

I feel guilty not putting anything up, so… this has been my life for the past weeks:

1- Studying at home.

I'm picky about my erasers. Staedtler is the latest favourite.

2- Studying at the library.

Favourite picture from the central library. Always think it's a cold war movie.

3- Studying at the lab. *

My Tuesdays afternoons? All spent on various erlenmeyers and various color changes.

*not really, I just wanted an excuse to show these pictures. It’s repetitive and mostly boring work, but it’s preeetty.

And thinking it's pretty it's one of the ways to get pass the What's blue? What's green??? drama.

And as it turns out, knowing what's green for chemists is a very big deal at the lab. Or they'll make you do it again. All three times.

That’s still turquoise.

4- Studying by the bakery

Best hang out spot on campus.

The food engineering factory has a bakery. And it’s gooood. And they have tables. And muffins. And free coffee.


And my books got here! really works!

And all the way from across the Atlantic they came :D

I’ve been reading and carrying Solomons around, but Specials will have to wait ’till some tests get over.

I’m so excited to read it!!! At laaast!

Anyways. Have a nice Friday ;)

“If there’s anything more important than my ego around, I want it caught and shot now.”

Zaphod Beeblebrox (for sure)

It got here!

At last, the book I’d ordered from Better World Books, Extras, got here! I thought it had been lost cause of weird shipping address (should have gotten here last week), but I guess it all turned out okay, they told me to wait a bit (very good, fast customer service).  It’s so pretty…. And new, even though it said used…. And it’s the pretty edition I like… And… aaah.

I’m drooling over the book, the BWB wrapping and the note inside. Can’t believe there is such a thing as free international shipping! But here it is, living proof. Pretty sure Dad still doesn’t believe it (he’d told me it was a scam). Too bad it arrived earlier than I’d anticipated and I still haven’t got Specials… Guess I’ll read it ebook form just cause I’m so excited about this one! (Hate ebooks)

Doesn't it look happy at its new home?