The multiplication of Stuff

So we get back home, safe and sound – and a little sleepy/burned/dehydrated. We get all bags out of the car. Drag our respective assortment of bags to our respective rooms. Only something seems off.

My bedroom has been a mess ever since, well, ever, but I’m blaming recent renewals (i.e. shelf that’s arriving in 3 weeks) for the aggravated mess of the last months. So it was already pretty messy when I left it.

But trying to stuff all the other messy stuff from my suitcase back  to it…. everything has multiplied! Or inflated! Something must have happened, ’cause it’s getting out of control messy. Even I‘m getting bothered by it. And Mom believed I was immune!

Must get some boxes.

Or a warehouse.

Or a dumpster.

Something to figure out tomorrow. Terribly sleepy. Just wanted to post this picture ;]

Chill song (love this band) – “Lay me down” by A Weather .


print(“Hello World!”)

Hii, whoever’s listening. I’ve been off a while, going back and forth to a different city for a congress thing on ChemE I’d applied to months ago. It was at the University I was supposed to have gone to, and I always seem to find an excuse to go back there. Anyways, it was awesome, but I did most of the blogging in my head as it was a bit tricky to include quality internet time waking up at 4 a.m. and getting home by 8 p.m., tired, hungry and sticky (too freaking hot).

I’ll throw some stuff I remember here, so it’ll be messier than usual. Just warning.

This week I’m going to the beach, which is a pretty traditional thing to do around here and I’m not usually very fond of it, but this year is so freaking hot I’m really looking forward to having an excuse for little clothing and diving in to very cold pool/ocean. But that also means very poor or no internet connection ’till next week, unless the hotel has finally entered the 21st century ;)

Meanwhile, you know what I’ve taken up for the beach? (I’m going with my parents and we never leave the hotel from 5pm onwards, so I usually have a LOT of free time. Which is really what the holidays are all about, right?) Python programming. I’m really excited about these courses coming up at (total geek, took the and loved it) and one of them requires considerable Python skills, which I do not possess. Yet. I’m kind of hoping my undergrad knowledge of C will help me there (plus knowledgeable computer dad/bf/friends), but we’ll see. If you’re interested in taking up something new for 6 weeks, or maybe you just looove programming, Udacity is currently offering a course for beginners (no previous programming experience required) that will lead to building a search engine, and one on advanced artificial intelligence, that will lead to programming a self-driving car (Python necessary). It’s from the former Stanford professor, Sebastian Thrun, who’s this good-humoured German fella. His “lectures” on aiclass were amazing and you can see he’s passionate about his work and teaching, which is really, really nice. His speech (somebody put the link on facebook, but I seem to have misplaced it) on the experience of teaching 180k students (20k+ of them successfully completed the course) as opposed to 20-100 at a physical class was pretty cool too – it was there that revealed that he couldn’t go back to a small classroom after that, and was no longer a Stanford professor. I had tears. The guy is really something.

Anyways, on to the random posts!

Have a great week, everyone!


(Nice, weird-ish songs, courtesy of bf –

Safety Dance – Men without hats

Cat food – King Crimson )

*Geeky shirt from here.

It rains

(From, didn’t get if it was the original sketch from Heroes or a fan art…)

I was going to spend my afternoon making snide remarks about all the actors and lines from the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice with my one-year-old, once-met reading club, but as it happened to all the other plans of the group over the last year, it too failed. (It’s a holiday! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person in my circle of friends who isn’t busy enough to say “Sorry, I’ve already got plans” to whatever invite they make. Should really consider lying next time.)

Then I was going to go look for wallpaper for my room (amidst renovations, after 19 years of begging), only to find out it’s super expensive.

And then it started raining, which I’m taking as an excuse to stay home and do nothing useful (as if that was something new) for hours on end. Let’s see how far the blogging goes today, shall we?

I found (through very cute Brazilian blog who recently started blogging in English too) this band called Puggy that’s very nice indeed (I’m picky). It’s linked to Grooveshark to anyone interested in listening to their fun, cool album (that I’d buy, but it doesn’t seem to be in national grounds, para variar…).

Also, this is nicer than the original rainy sounds through my window! (Oh, the digital world…)

(Very fond of parenthetical remarks today.)