Early semester drama

The semester has just started (ok, it started a month ago) and I was super excited about the new subjects (ok, some new subjects) it brought with — but that didn’t bother a train of thought that cost me 6 slides on a very dynamic class. I will now share that fascinating conversation with myself. Just because I have pictures. And I got a fun cute eraser.

Here’s what my “desk” looked like during class:

The view.

The view.


#1 “Oh wow, maybe this class will actually be pretty cool, I seem to be getting the hang of things, look at that notebook! Do you remember what it looked like last semester? Keep up the good work! o/”

#2 “Wait. Did I color coordinate my stuff with my pencil case?”

"Oh my, I think I did"

“Oh my, I think I did”

#3 “Is it weird that I hadn’t noticed that WHILST buying the stuff? Which I did in different days? It even matches my pendrive. And it is oold. Maybe I have a bit of OCB. Just a bit.”

#4 “OK, a miiinor bit. Remember what my room looks like?”

*half a minute goes by*

#5 “My eraser is cute.”

"Best gift my aunt ever gave me."

“It is adorable.”

#6 “Remember that beautiful MONO I had? I used it ’till it was a quarter of its original size, then I couldn’t hold it any more.”


#8 “I’ll have to cut it??? But it’s STRIPED, I’ll never cut it straight enough! It has a fixed bottom, it’s not like MONO. It’ll be a nightmare. I’ll be staring at the uneven striping for the rest of the semester/year. It’ll be an OCB nightmare. Like that squirrel and the soap bar in ‘Let’s pretend this never happened‘…”

*half a minute of panic and anxiety*

#9 “It’s oookay, it is only an eraser. You can do it.”

*another half a minute goes by*

#10 “OK, let’s cross that bridge when we get to it. Now get on with it.”

*six slides have gone past*


The fault…

…is mine and I’ll put it where ever I want. (“A culpa é minha e eu coloco ela em quem eu quiser”)

Or something like that. I was convinced it was a line from Zaphod Beeblebrox, Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxies, but I can’t find it anywhere. I miss Zaphod.

I feel guilty not putting anything up, so… this has been my life for the past weeks:

1- Studying at home.

I'm picky about my erasers. Staedtler is the latest favourite.

2- Studying at the library.

Favourite picture from the central library. Always think it's a cold war movie.

3- Studying at the lab. *

My Tuesdays afternoons? All spent on various erlenmeyers and various color changes.

*not really, I just wanted an excuse to show these pictures. It’s repetitive and mostly boring work, but it’s preeetty.

And thinking it's pretty it's one of the ways to get pass the What's blue? What's green??? drama.

And as it turns out, knowing what's green for chemists is a very big deal at the lab. Or they'll make you do it again. All three times.

That’s still turquoise.

4- Studying by the bakery

Best hang out spot on campus.

The food engineering factory has a bakery. And it’s gooood. And they have tables. And muffins. And free coffee.


And my books got here! WorldOfBooks.com really works!

And all the way from across the Atlantic they came :D

I’ve been reading and carrying Solomons around, but Specials will have to wait ’till some tests get over.

I’m so excited to read it!!! At laaast!

Anyways. Have a nice Friday ;)

“If there’s anything more important than my ego around, I want it caught and shot now.”

Zaphod Beeblebrox (for sure)

The multiplication of Stuff

So we get back home, safe and sound – and a little sleepy/burned/dehydrated. We get all bags out of the car. Drag our respective assortment of bags to our respective rooms. Only something seems off.

My bedroom has been a mess ever since, well, ever, but I’m blaming recent renewals (i.e. shelf that’s arriving in 3 weeks) for the aggravated mess of the last months. So it was already pretty messy when I left it.

But trying to stuff all the other messy stuff from my suitcase back  to it…. everything has multiplied! Or inflated! Something must have happened, ’cause it’s getting out of control messy. Even I‘m getting bothered by it. And Mom believed I was immune!

Must get some boxes.

Or a warehouse.

Or a dumpster.

Something to figure out tomorrow. Terribly sleepy. Just wanted to post this picture ;]

Chill song (love this band) – “Lay me down” by A Weather .