doodling with words

She refused to open her eyes until she could remember every part of the dream. There’d been a breeze coming out of the half open window. She looked at her feet. The floor wasn’t… stable. She’d felt cold. Why had she felt cold again? She was barefoot. And wearing only a nightgown. Not her type of nightgown either. It was a… fancier…. vintage-looking one. Where had she seen that before?
Uh! That pirate movie! Yes. But why pirates? she wondered, I never dream about pirates.

She’d stepped over to the window, her feet now freezing. She remembered the pattern on the window. Nicely done. They reminded her of… those windows in castles. The ones her mother always remarked on how hard would be to clean  – eventhough she, herself, had never cleaned a window in her life. But it was pretty. The gray sky above projected stenciled shadows across the room she was in.

What was the room like? She had been sitting on something when this first began. Or wasn’t she?

There seemed to be a lot of wood paneling. Wooden floors. And that motion.

She’d looked through the window and saw… ice. Blocks of ice. Floating in the ocean. The ship pushing them aside. The blue water beneath it gently rocking the ship.

Huh. When did I watch a pirate movie set in ice?

She always dreamed about bits of movies. Which is why she could usually pinpoint the whole story. Like, say, what she was doing and where it was leading to. But usually it was more like… watching. Not this. She’d lived this one.

She’d felt cold.

And it was 30oC outside.

Huh, she thought, and opened her eyes to the geometric shapes projected by her own window, gray sky above.


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